Briarcliff Manor

Briarcliff Manor is a village in Westchester County in the state of New York. It is shared between the towns of Mount Pleasant and Ossining, and lies entirely within the ZIP code of 10510. As of the 2000 census, the village population was 7,696, over 93% of whom lived in the Town of Ossining.

The village motto is a Village between Two Rivers.

  • The Tree Streets are a network of streets named after trees, such as Satinwood, Larch, & Oak. Some of the oldest houses in the town lie on these streets.
  • North State Road is a street with apartment buildings, co-ops, single family homes and businesses.
  • Sleepy Hollow Road is the road associated with the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod Farms, a house associated with the legends protagonist, Ichabod, can be found on this road.
  • The Crossroads area consists of several streets named after local World War II veterans including Schrade Road, Hazelton Circle, Matthes Road, and Dunn Lane.
  • Downtown, commonly referred to as Town, is the closest thing to a "main street" in Briarcliff Manor. Briarcliff's "main street" is Pleasantville Road. It is home to the Briarcliff Manor Police & Fire Department as well as a number of commercial establishments. Farther along the road are the Briarcliff High School and Briarcliff Middle School, though they are not technically in the village. The elementary school, Todd School, is located on Ingham Road, which intersects with Pleasantville Road. Todd Lane, the older portion of Carleton Ave up to the 9A entrance and Horsechestnut are part of the village.
  • Long Hill Road stretches a long distance across Briarcliff and consists of Long Hill Road East and Long Hill Road West. This road connects to a variety of roads such as Scarborough Road, Tuttle Road, Elm Road
  • Meadowbrook Farm is an area that falls under the postal and school systems of Briarcliff Manor but is not governed under the village, rather by the Town of Mount Pleasant. The area starts on the newer portion of Carleton Avenue from the Route 9A entrance (extended in the early 1980s), and ends where Carleton Avenue touches Old Chappaqua Road. The name of the streets in this area are: Pea Pond Lane, Pine Hill Court, Briar Corners, Woodsford Bend, Fox Run Road, Stonington Drive, Stonington Heights, Patricia Lane, and Iron Ridge Oval.
  • Hirst also known as Hirst Road is the tallest peak in Briarcliff and also has a connecting loop to it.
  • Holly Place one of the lowest points in Briarcliff Manor, connecting to Sleepy Hollow Country Club. The roads connects into Long Hill Road.

Points of Interest in Briarcliff Manor, NY 
  • Much of James Patterson's 2005 novel Honeymoon takes place in Briarcliff Manor (where Patterson owns a house and lives for part of the year).
  • Portions of the movies Super TroopersPrivate Parts, and Bed of Roses were filmed in Briarcliff.
  • Part of the memorable and lengthy car chase scene in the movie "The Seven-Ups" was filmed in this area on the Taconic State Parkway, notably the ending.
  • Portions of the movie American Gangster filmed here, notably the large white mansion on Scarborough Road in Briarcliff. The more modest house portrayed in NC was also in town.
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